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Environmental Control
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Environmental Control

Environmental Control
Air Coolers
Air Coolers are required in all domestic and commercial environments including homes, offices, workshops and factories. Browse through our collection to see which one suits your needs the most. ..
Carpet Dryers
Want to prevent leaks, floods or cleaning disasters and save time by speeding up drying times for newly painted, varnished or waxed surfaces? We have a wide collection of excellent carpet dryers to ease your work. ..
Flying Insect Control
Keep the flies at bay with an effective flying insect control unit from PREM I AIR. Safe and cost effective, our systems improve cleanliness and hygiene in both residential and commercial areas. ..
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Prem-I-Air Refrigerator Deodorizer Environmental Control
Prem-I-Air Refrigerator Deodorizer The Prem-I-Air Refrigerator deodorizer neutralises unwanted od..
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